The Online Black Market: “Silk Road”

Internet or the world wide web is a wide area network of interconnected servers and computers. Any device connected to the internet can upload/download data and information which is constantly been monitored for the purposes of security. Since the Internet is the easiest way of exchanging data and information, it is slowly becoming... more →
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Hacking Windows & Dumping Passwords [Mimikatz Tutorial]

First of all we will create a payload(which we will later send to the  victim for execution) but do you think somebody is going to click on a simple file which does nothing even on being executed and still not getting suspicious? The answer is simple,NO. So here we will bind the file with a legitimate executable, which in turn... more →
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The Ultimate List of Websites for Freelancers

Freelance jobs have been one of the best online works that professionals prefer these days. The ‘submit work and earn’ process is one of the fastest ways to earn quick money without waiting for the entire month to get your payments. Whether you are a writer, photographer, designer or any other skilled person, freelance jobs... more →
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Best Apps to Customize your Android Phone

If you love personalizing your Android device with ringtones, wallpapers and apps, then you should definitely go through this post. Android is widely appreciated for its customization options that is flexible enough to give a fresh new look to your phone. Especially its launchers are quite popular and that adds a difference to your... more →
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Best 6 WhatsApp Spy Softwares

The usages of spy programs are in great demand nowadays. Kids and teenagers are so much acquainted with the web that it becomes a matter of stress for parents. Especially, in case of text messaging and IM’s parents are unable to trace out what their kids are texting about or is it safe or not. And today the volume of texting... more →
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